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Yes, because that's how analogies work. So you're comparing the social strategies of attracting women to stepping on a mine?

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OKC is is where I met my boyfriend and we've been together for a year and a half: Where as in real life, our small flaws are ignored when we meet friends and we seek to establish common interestson the interwebs messages normal ones routinely get ignored or simply deleted. Saw her in the parking lot so headed over to say hello.

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Filter posts by subject: I love meeting people and hearing stories so I enjoyed it, mostly. In some ways, it is easier to tell in online interactions for example, some dude gets the unreasonable rage at being told off politely for inquiring about sexuality within the first few messages, probably a safe bet he's no good but in other ways, it makes it easier for them to pretend until they get what they want.

I suggest you pay attention to the numbers.

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You all do realise that there are PMs? We just did a large Christmas with both our families and the kids. He's pretty great and also happens to be my best friend. Nobody is motivated and they are targeted more at hookups like tindr. Either way it's totally viable for dating. Never spend money on a dating site, they can't guarantee you better results and the pool of people involved on them are almost the same as what you'd find on OKC unless it's a specific, targeted group.

Most of those matches were very far away, too far for me to consider dating.

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Sounds like a total waste of time. I was on OKC for a while and went on best dates - at least half of them had kids from previous relationships.

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A lot of Nice Guys. Questions seeking professional advice are inappropriate for this subreddit and will be removed.

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I am absolutely useless in bars and never would have gone on a date without okcupid. Having a hard time picking a name? Met my current gf on OKCupid. I'm trying to create a free and open dating site that shares in the values of best furry dating site and fairness: Makes for some good stories though. I don't consider myself ugly nor amazingly attractive, but the women I've dated all have considered me best dating site in norway. We setup a date.

Basically I take care of myself.

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I've never used POF. On the other hand, I've met a few guys from Tinder and they were fun. I think the key to making any dating site work is dating sites open to a broader range of people and giving the people and the site a chance. Having a hard time picking a name? Basically I met a lot of girls that I loved personality-wise, but the dating sites just wasn't there. So I was like whatever, I'll meet up with him, at the very least maybe I'll just have fun casual sex with this really attractive man.

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Met at a coffee shop. Which explains why you did it in the first paragraph of the same post where you said it isn't an argument?

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I dunno, maybe I'm just repulsive or something.