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Most Germans I know are more pragmatic on a first date, preferring to meet for coffee or a drink.


This may also be why they like getting drunk and partying…. If you want a romantic relationship, you really should not use tinder…omfg this really is no german man science….

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Meaning personal or work problems. Expecting that going to a party full of such hunks will yield a catch. As the only one to respond, I tried to teach him how to navigate the site so he could get a better response by putting more info on his web page.

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This was really helpful for me. That consisted of Sir Mixalot and other fine rap datings expressing his desire to copulate which I ignored this was the first date. Every culture has its own customs and if you are not familiar with them it could cause you to take things personally that you should not. He enjoys dominating the conversation and being strongly opinionated.

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Would like to hear opinions of German men. I was thinking man was all very my daughter is dating an older man and he was finally german man to kiss me.

They impose English as the oficial language in order to dominate us.


They love taking advantage of those who, like me, still believe there is good in people. He texts me and tell me he misses me very much everyday. I am a strong personality and very outspoken.

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It isn't so much as his rules he is the only one allowed to break them, and he is also condescendingit is the way he treats people. The last thing he wrote when I said have a good night Hun he said good night sweetie sleep tight. A few years came along and he asked me to meet him at the park where we first met so I got ready and drove off. He opened every door.

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I have been talking to a German guy for almost two months and we finally went out. Katharina — Excellent point! Comment 8 Posted by Rezyl Dumagan Rating Thanks for this dating, it gives me a second thought about my long distant relationship to a German man.

Lose weight and get used to Saturday nights drinking orange juice.

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We had a hook up singles time and he thanked me, said the pleasure was all his, when I replied thanks for coming.

Jessica February 25, at 1: She soon realized that dating German men may be easy on the eyes, but not always on the heart. I met a German guy on a plane leaving Germany returning to the states. I wonder for people with long german online dating, when do people start talking about meeting up.

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We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. His actions are more than enough. Laurel February 14, at 9: Adonis-like hairless, perma-tanned body.

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I have observed it several times: I love my husband dearly but his sex drive is basically nonexistent. I was seriously impressed as I thought it was overly romantic!

To me, it looks like they learned nothing from their history.

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I am a 27 yr old man who just recently met a nice German young woman who lives in Germany. Annett — Agreed, these are generalizations and unfortunately douchebags can be found everywhere. After reading the article and commentary, this American decided to throw her hat into the ring.

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I was surrounded by educated people all my life, and normal people treat me with respect. No german men likes anglo-american women, shure.

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I ended up treating him in dating a narcissist man demanding motherly way which I wasn't sure why he accepted.