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Think of this experience of yours as bitter medicine, and move on in life. Its funny I hear that middle eastern males are skeptical to marry and have children with an American woman because Americans are treated better and she can easily leave the country with his kids.

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Ms Kameela, do you think that it's initial stage dating a muslim man for a 53 years old prophet to poke a 9 years old little muslima's vagina? Freeway you sir, are the ignorant one. Sorry to hear about this, but I think any guy is capable of reacting the same way, despite his religion so as much as I see what you're saying, it could have just been circumstantial.

I'm a Muslim girl. We have a daughter who though raised in my faith has fallen in love with a Shi'ite Muslim boy. Make a wise decision and ensure that that peace is guaranteed to you.

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There is always a rush by muhammadans to use Timothy McVeigh and Anders Breivik as examples of 'christian terrorists'. You're right, but none-the-less, be careful and take measures to protect yourself. I won t waste the time. I know what I'm saying doesn't really relate to the topic but it's extremely important to me.

I don't think you have made a fool of yourself if you were used. To my surprise, I just so happened to have this dream on the same night that Saint Augustine is celebrated.

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In response to Pretty Kitty's post She would call my phone calling me a whore and stuff, just very uneccessary. Yes thats true [ words]. I'm currently dating a Muslim Man, i have been dating him for a year now. They seem perfect, almost too perfect at the beginning until they get what they want your devoted love that becomes toxic to yourself and then once they know that you are in deep love with them, they got you for good into hell.

Honestly, I have nothing against Muslim people themselves, it's their chameleon-like religious texts that allows them to say one thing and then scorpio woman dating aries man another thing completely contradictory. If you ask Ali he might give a free copy to clear your doubts about Islam.

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I just feel so compelled to write to you because I know you were Virgo man dating libra woman at one time and I appreciate what you do to expose Islam. Yes Nigeria scams Linda [85 words]. There is a term for people like you and that's all. They have no idea of fairness.

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There are bigger issues than Iranian citizenship [ words]. People believing in Jesus and God can see miracles happen in their lives. It also depends on the Muslim sect too. It is by demeaning others that Muslims can feel good about themselves.

With experience you will find that a lot of guys will want a girl to be just his girlfriend and nothing more if she is not what he ultimately wants, in this case non-Muslim.

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What aspect of Mo s actions, character do you want to follow? A few months ago, I also went to Europe and prior to leaving, I happened to have a dream where I was told to pray to Saint Augustine. I wasn't really in love with him at the beginning but he someone got me to fall deep in love with him about 6 months later of going on dates with him.

Thank you so much and sorry for this being so long! Sense of humor [ words]. I have been blessed with a wonderful child. To Jenny [ words]. The Muslim girl he lost his virginity to wasn't a virgin either.

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Worse yet, he pretty much makes it seem like he wants me to break up with him initial stage dating a muslim man. I was told by him and that since I am Christian, I was considered people of the book and should be respected. Did it perhaps work for a while, but now no longer?

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At one time, I believed my husband loved me. No one can take your power unless you gave it away.

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No they don't hate Muslims or Jews I was exactly where you were when I first started dating that Muslim guy. After reading about his life, I was moved to tears.