My daughter is dating an older man My daughter is dating a much older man

My daughter is dating an older man, want to add to the discussion?

Not having any friends is one of the biggest issues I see with the situation now.

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If you've been teaching your kid that not having friends makes her "strong", no wonder she is so messed up. If the money situation at home is alright, can you and her go away for dating transgender man weekend and relax somewhere at a spa?

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It might just be changing mentality with the new generation? You won't be able to vote or comment.

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If you get into fights with her about it, then that'll be the perfect opportunity for him to swoop in and consolidate his hold on her with a dose of the old "see, your parents don't understand you, they think you're still a little kid, I'm the only one who understands you. My mom got me driving lessons, and I was happier for a little bit, then some other shit happened and my depression got bad and I just had no motivation at all to get my license again until I was 18 and wanted to move on with my life.

But better a conversation than an abortion.

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Knowing her, she'll move in with her boyfriend. Maybe try to sell her on early childhood development classes, so she could "e a better mom", but actually enable her to get a childcare job.

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Whilst this is sensible advice, but whether or not she is on birth control is not up to OP and the possibility exists that she doesn't want to be in birth control given her "ambition" of being a SAHM. We've been aware of the missing credit problems, she just couldn't pisces man dating leo woman up. He's already encouraged her to become a stay at home mom. Get her some GED prep materials. However, she also said that if parents tried to stop the relationship that would almost certainly make the couple more determined to stick together and that the girl would probably then start lying to her parents about it, so trying to force them apart would probably do more harm than good.

They never told me dating syrian man was wrong, but I would have known.

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I'm effectively saying that whatever you believe privately there is nothing you can or should do to interfere. Your situation is a parental nightmare, but not the most unusual of scenarios.

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Join Date Jan Posts A GED daughter help her accomplish dating, and, if anything, it's typically easier than actual high school. You haven't met this man so I don't think anyone can judge him seeing as you don't know anything about him and the only thing to go by is that on Facebook it says he is unemployed You need to get her into therapy for her depression asap.

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Above all, keep the conversation going with your son and daughter, says Scott. He is a narcissist and drained every last ounce of self esteem I had left out of me. Make sure she is safe I know you don't want to think of her doing that kind of thing but at that age it's inevitable I wouldn't give her ultimatum s like it's me or him cos my daughters is dating an older man are she will pick him. Omg this might not help but if I found out my teenage daughter was dating a 29 yr old man I would go mental and so would her dad Maybe instead of getting angry, have a chat.

I didn't want to be that kind of burden.

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Kicking up a fuss will only drive them closer together Dating an older man is a lot better than other kids her age. No Aquarius man dating aquarius woman am a very chilled out mum but strict.

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I'm not saying it always works out, but in this case there is a chance that the guy is actually interested in her as a person. Your daughter is 16 i would leave her too it to be honest,you start meddling and youll drive her away,when i was that age i was into older men,non of them lasted of course,and it may not with your daughter,then it again it and she maybe happy,try and take a step back,i know its easier said than done xx.

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I didn't feel loved by her. If she can solve these, then one possibility is that her self-esteem rises and she decides she doesn't want to be a SAHM any more. An implant of some sort.

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The issue isn't age gap. I am still with my husband 6 years on, 2 kids together, a house It's time for her to do that anyways. Offer to start her off in a volunteer program that has her interest for at least one hour a week and offer a means of transport there.

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He's a creep no matter what. Show her that she can do it and has a future. Is she man for a father figure??

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I don't want to signal approval of a relationship I don't support, but I want to keep the lines open so she doesn't feel defensive about him. Should I lighten up and realize that when it comes to medical issues, nothing is private?

I have a niece who is wonderfully happy with someone who is much older than herself 16year age gap but hey if it works for them then why should anyone condem it. The fact that she's distanced herself from men her age makes me sad.