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I was semi-engaged three separate times…and called it off. I tell them upfront that I want a love life and I want to be treated how they want to be treated. And it can be work. Not many want to put the effort into a relationship, and no relationship survives without work. I agree that physical compatibility is necessary for a lasting relationship. The dating pool is none existent when you have kids at my age any suggestions.

It can be very disheartening. June 21st, Reply. It could be that women in their 40s and 50s are lost in finding their free dating sites for over 40s uk in this new age of dating.

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I had a similar one. I hope you find someone who appreciates you. But never ever become defeated or bitter. In my opinion being a girlfriend for at least six months maybe a year is what I want also, so that we can get to know one another before we make it a forever thing man dating over 50 commitment. There is such a difference between what is available for men and woman.

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I know I will continue to have great accomplishments with or without a man in my life. I hope you do consider divorced women in the future, as most women and men our age have already been married.

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Its what women want. Just from what I have observed! They have both admitted that, ideally, they would love to find a woman several years under age Because we r sitting here reading posts that say we may as well accept the fact that we are going to be alone the rest of our lives.

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They just need to get some help or acknowledge that they are out of the partnering game. But for a marriage that ended in tears, it had many good years that unfortunately could not be salvaged. I advise all men to over consider all they could lose before risking it all.

I expect that shewill get a bit of a thrill from it. Because women choose men based on their potential versus the reality of who they really are. He dyes his hair and then he gets the girl. I like to use sports analogies.

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They are not responding to my personal ads, they are not in the meet up groups or volunteer groups, and they are not in the bars. Any wonder the world is in such a mess. Is it when your child finishes high school, graduates university, men dating that first job, moves out of the family house, gets married, has a child of their own?

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When we were just friends- I was his cute, sweet little miss but now to be his gf I am unsure if this is still the right personality? And even if you find someone that wants to date youafter one date they already start implying sexual stuff. My sisters husband of 23yrs dumped her for someone 3 yrs older than their daughter….

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Something no older man is ever asked to do. So I guess unless you did what you were supposed to do when you were supposed to do it when everyone is young and attracted to each other you are shit outta luck.

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I know that these men were not meant to be or it would have happened. That's 13 years of it.