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It has nothing to do with any setting on a profile etc The majority of dating sites charge to open an account, although a few are free of charge. I'll be logged into the forums, but not necessarily logged into my profile account. An email is on its way to. OkCupid Join the best free dating site on Earth.

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Now if i log in and go back to the forum i can see ms taken's profile. How can this be set? Please correct me if wrong.

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Now if i log out on the main site and go back to this thread i can't see her profile but i still can see cowboy's Jerseygirls and my own. Upgrade to A-List to get access to the sexiest filters: The ideal night for me is a nice browse online dating profiles of wine, with o I was wondering too, if this was some kind of stealth setting that I wasn't aware of - that only 'logged in' people can see your profile.

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You can view all profiles with or without an account provided the users has not hidden it. It seems i have to have a least letters to post so i don't know exactly what else to say but i'll keep typing LOL.

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Yet, people are posting on that thread about things they've seen on this person's profile and are giving them tips on how to improve it - everyone's seeing it but me, apparently.

Your profile can be viewed from the "Forum" side if you have posted on a thread. You can only browse profiles so long without it trying to get you to browse online dating profiles or login. Within the three or four profile view limit, you will still get the login screen if the person's profile is hidden. If you have an unhidden profile, it can be accessed by anyone who visits the site, logged in or not.

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Start searching for members near you…. Your profile will not be used as "filler" on any page. If i click on Ms taken i get the main sign up page. Although you can look at a user's profile on the majority of websites for free, you will not be able to send a message unless you register with that particular service. You know what you want, and we can help you find it. So, I'll go log onto my profile pua online dating profile then go BACK to the forums and to that particular thread - and lo and behold, I can now see the person's profile.


Love to travel - waiting to retire. Please enter a valid email. The ability to see the man or woman of your dreams is just a click away without spending a single cent.

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If it is hidden no one can view it, unless that person post's on the forums and if that is the case you must also be logged into your profile to then view it. If i click on Jersey girl and cowboy on this thread their profiles come up.