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Bad dating profile pictures, the 50 funniest russian dating site profile photos (gallery)

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While he's an incredibly adorable bully, he's bad dating a bully. What does that mean, exactly? In Mother Russia, website date you.

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Just when you thought you knew everything there is to know about animals, along comes the internet to ruin everything. Perhaps one day the turkeys will rise together as one and we won't have anything to thankful for anymore, but it's highly unlikely because they.

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This collection of weird animal fact memes are about to blow your freaking mind while simultaneously making you the most entertaining guest at the next dinner party you attend. This is a reminder to all the single kids out there looking for true love. Tom is a wild turkey who lives in East Amherst, NY. Turkeys have had a pretty rough deal in America over the years and the sad thing is, they were profile pictures close to becoming the National Bird of the United States.

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Worst online dating profile photos of all time

Lots of people in the country outwardly resent and downright hate not only the movie but Cohen himself for ridiculing their beloved dating site profile maker. If you have a dead fish lying around the house, make sure you take a picture with it and upload it to your Tinder or Bumble profile immediately.

I have no idea, but I do know that America ain't got nothing on Russia when it comes to amazingly bizarre dating profile photos. Especially if you attend an animal dinner party, and from what I hear, wombat dinner parties are off the hook.

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People refuse to run him over. Lots of Kazakhstan natives were, of course, not too pleased.

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