Dating sites for potheads I Went to a Singles Night for Potheads

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As chance had it, I was in Los Angeles last week and learned of a singles mixer co-sponsored by MyMate in Hollywood. Plus, weed dates are probably more fun than the typical awkward first outing since we assume they involve a lot of toking followed by a romantic dinner of Doritos and Twinkies.

They just made that whole shit up and fed it to for potheads.

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The menu button now contains all of the fors potheads of our site. The dating community is your place to connect, share and get stoned with other friends of mary jane.

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I offered her dating sites in ghana for free hit but remembered to disclaim the fact that there was a little bit of tobacco in it. After that night, I made one final modification to my Tinder page, changing the picture to one of me smoking a joint.

Vape left.

Photo by Miguel Lozano. She gave me a confused look. Aside from the weed-themed online setting, their story is pretty ordinary.

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A few years ago, a site like MyMate. A few minutes on the site reveals everyone from professional moms and dads to perfect stoner caricatures, complete with dreadlocks.

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I asked her how she had heard about the party part of my journalistic research, naturally and she said she had no idea it was a singles mixer for stoners. That is a pothead stereotype and one you are more than willing to disprove That ended in a divorce, and since then, she hadn't met anyone who was cool with her substantial cannabis consumption until MyMate linked her with Jonathan.

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She handed the joint back to me and looked at her friends. The one closest to me was in a Batgirl costume. A Woman, 21 Tacoma, Washington. What would you like to know? Thankfully, her friend broke the awkwardness by complimenting the smell of my joint. Find your best bud and fly high on site 9 together - are you getting the munchies yet? As I considered how many times I could use the "writing an article" approach, Lozano came over to introduce me to a couple that had met on MyMate.

I Went to a Singles Night for Potheads.

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Share Tweet Pin Share. A Man, 55 Austin, Texas. She wrinkled her nose and said, "No thanks. The author mingling with love-hungry stoners. Orgasms are ruining this man's life Your sex life depends on how you commute to work Women prefer normal-looking men to super hotties. Have fun messaging, sharing photos and hooking up.

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Now, more and more pro-pot dating websites are popping up to help cannabis-friendly datings sites for potheads find true love. Actually, it's hard to believe this wasn't already a thing. Are people actually coupling up at weed meet-ups? A Man, 24 Kearns, Utah. Much, much more appealing than an awkward drink at the bar followed by a movie. You feel cannabis is all natural and should be legal in all states. Join Today - It's Free! Marijuana releases feel-good chemicals in the body, which in turn chills people out. I figured that, being in America's oldest and loosest medical marijuana state, I was bound to come across some interesting stoner ladies there.

Photo by the author. The site's founder, Miguel Lozano, told me, "If you dating someone on our site, you know that this person is friendly to weed, whether they smoke or not.

A Woman, 53 Beverly, Massachusetts. Kid Nov 57: MyMate offers online dating for pot lovers. Lozano sees this new openness as an opportunity for potheads of all shapes and colors to come out of the shadows and find one another. Most of the 11, users are in cannabis-legal states like Colorado, Washington, and pseudo-legal California, so there weren't many people for me to meet where I live in New York.

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That's not an easy regimen to adjust to if you're dating me and don't love ganja. I haven't had a satisfactory match since. I arrived at the mixer with my friend Z around midnight when it was already in full swing.

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