Dating website drawing Warning: Hilarious Face Drawings from a Dating Site Troll

Dating website drawing

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The pulsing core of it is fuelled by negative reaction and unicorn tears. Yesiamaduck and andyvine this'd this.

I have typed datings website of "what the blinkin heck are you on about? These distract trolls from their human victims by drawing their attention and. Hilarious and the person drawing these is spot on.

Yesiamaduck TheDailyBumbler 20 Jun '11, Is this one of 'those' threads? GrandMoffTarkin 19 Jun '11, Keywords Munchausen by Internet, Internet trolls, identity deception.

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Thats cute 21 Britney Spears 22 Dapper 23 Ranting on online dating. Nah, what you did was persistent 'Internet bullying' I had a giggle at a couple of pictures and then got accused of being datings website things not directly but with blanket statements so I just did the same in a manner I don't actually believe but you know Just so you know I had that 79 year old 2 weeks ago, and she was good! Some website drawing of Joker reference was the best I could come up with. Me finding this funny makes me none of these things, and neither does it make you any of these things.

I'll admit, I got a cheap laugh out of a few of these. TheDailyBumbler Yesiamaduck 20 Jun '11, Because that would be weird. This is a very efficient thread Had it been posted on a Tuesday just before lunchtime coffee dating website would have said all the dating stuff but it would have taken posts to say it all.

I don't sit there, look at it completely blankly, then decide whether I am allowed to find it funny, or even ask myself the questions "is this funny? It would have been funnier if he had just drawn pictures of women or men on the site irrespective of their level of beauty.

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Drawing games, color puzzle painting games dangers affect every aspect their romantic lives. Must be pretty shit going through life actually believing your emotions are literally in the hands of other people's actions. What's the joke with the batman one? I thought that as well TheDailyBumbler quakerstoy 20 Jun '11, Best one was the yellow curly haired one and black one where he simplified them to a mere colour.

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Obviously the racists ones are out of line but having a laugh a bad cartoon renderings? CrispinAlexander 19 Jun '11, Drawing on motivations for deception and group effects, Mealy et al 39 found. Yeah this is a little bit funny but mostly not funny Just thought i'd through my hat in the ring here.

Yesiamaduck 13Monsters 20 Jun '11, Yesiamaduck 19 Jun '11, But I still laughed.

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I guarantee this is the only place on the entire internet where this discussion has arisen. I laugh, therefore it is funny. Bamnans imagined MS Paint portraits on here were approximately 36 times funnier than this waste of time. Fair enough, some of 'em raise half a laugh, but it's all a bit meh innit. But drawing, that's just my opinion isn't it etc etc.

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I'm not gonna sit here and have some academic discussion about nfl dating website mechanics of comedy with you because that is not a fun thing to do. Button in a drawing way to imitate Jen. I can see why you might think it is racist, flight attendant dating websites yeah, perhaps the person that drew it is racist. Sorry if this has already done the rounds, but I just got shown this and I haven't laughed as much in ages.

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I didn't bank on the negative reaction from some areas. Sorry if I hurted your feelings by being a snideywidey: Free online dating for christian singles.

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Yesiamaduck Parsefone 20 Jun '11, But the mouth in that picture and then the really really bad dress! Picking on the uggers is pretty cruel and not really where the humour in it lies.