I am dating my sister My sister is dating my cousin, is it OK for me to feel uncomfortable?

I am dating my sister, want to add to the discussion?


I don't think it's like he was hitting on her when she was I know my cousin has liked my sister for a long time in fact, quite a few of our cousins have liked my sister but yesterday he wanted to talk to me about this and he confessed that he has never felt this way about any other girl, even his last 2 girlfriends with whom he had long-term serious relationships with.

You sound like a smart guy, do what you feel is right given all of muslim dating canada experiences you've had up to this point.

I've tried to reach out and let them know I'm not upset about it, but I get no response. Nc dating age laws victim marries in hospital after horrific hand injury He lied to me for years about their relationship while I knew they were into each other.

Dating wetzlar assuming you and your sister share many features and he's dating someone who is as similar to you at sister physically as it's possible to be. We tried having sex one time but I just felt disgusted by her.

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He dropped his plate of nas dating billionaire and his mouth to the floor. If not, why not?

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I guess I'm not being entirely honest about my intentions, its a tough reality. It's not, but this sub has a raging hateboner for any kind of age dating.

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I don't want revenge I just want to move on. This sister is my age and used to be my best friend. Taken together this makes you look very self-interested.

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I agree and really she should have told her sister when they first started dating. Can you explain how its not?

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I never said you couldn't be reliable. Comments Share what you think.

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It is ruining our family relationship. Are you willing to deal with it or do you feel as if you have no other choice than to step back from your family?

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I don't want to hurt her and I certainly don't hate her. I made love with this man after we were devoived.

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The age difference shouldn't matter right now. While i am dating my sister we wondered where our mom had gone. I don't need a partner to be a globetrotter, just enough to be able to have interesting conversations. Do you see her as your equal?

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He didn't even ask if it was ok with anyone else. I am a little disappointed with the lack of sensitivity being displayed on the part of your family.


I was very hesitant but I agreed. A woman has told how she unknowingly dated her half-brother for more than six months. Tamara gushes about daughter Fifi, 3, and her luxury life I don't think hes going to abuse her, hes genuinely a good guy even if a little bit of this might be motivated by the break up. You'll be a 40 year old man, she'll still be a woman in her late 20's entering the prime of her life. This will not end well.

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She doesn't want me at family gatherings and refuses to let my niece and nephew stay with us anymore. If Sarah has moved on and is with someone who she is happy with and doesn't care, then it would make it easier. Want to add to the discussion? Doesn't get a whole lot weirder than that. Maybe you're hanging out with the wrong 21 year olds? It helps that neither of us really speak to his brother, and I don't consider him family.