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It was co-founded by Dr. Before I dive in, let me note that I'm a software architect.

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I would think their system would be setup to realize that it's not working correctly and fix. Then something odd happened.

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Use our dating background check to run a reverse search that include a catfish reverse image searchphone number search, dating bets username search and many other reverse services and techniques that we offer. How do I know I can trust these reviews about Match. The information on this Web site is general in nature and is not intended as a substitute for competent legal advice.

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Instead of prorating the monthly scam I would have paid for another 6 months or refunding me entirely as requested, they charged me the highest dating scams rate for one month of membership that I didn't want. I'm not above admitting that in my youth I was what you'd call a hacker. I had no issue dating the actual service, but didn't need it any longer.

They can do everything else. I get a bunch of really attractive women who will wink at me and then I'll subscribe find out they were fake profiles.

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I wonder if they reset the auto renewal or turned it back on in the 6 months that I was on their site. So obviously, now someone has access to my credit dating login. I then tried to fight it through my bank because I was not communicating with members and was trying to cancel my account and they sent my bank a doc showing I logged in.

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That site just seemed to be full of pervy people, who want your credit card numbers. I went there to make sure it was cancelled and still had access. Very low number of people actually respond to communication.

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I was a paying user also. None of it made sense for normal person behavior. I have a theory about why this occurred: However, the way they found matches for me was seemingly random.

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Here is an example from a real life scammers profile page that we were able to help one of our clients avoid. Users can choose both physical and value-based attributes to search for, improving the quality of the matches they find.

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It's been such an ordeal I don't feel like fighting for it, quite frankly. Harvard Business School graduate, Mark Brooks, has been an expert in the Internet dating business since Not worth the money. All of the sudden, and about 6 hours later, I received and Email from Match saying that they gave me a refund to my credit card and that I no longer had a subscription.

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Instead, when I filed a complaint there was a misunderstanding they claimed and they deactivated my account. How to avoid being catfished on Match.

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Everyone I met on that site was interested in short term satisfaction over a long-term relationship, which was contrary to what they stated and outlined in their profiles.