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Safaricom dating club

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A mobile is a personal gadget and is convenient," he says. Telecoms EN Issue no Research Report Empowering regulators to protect consumer rights.

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Subscribe to our Newsletters here. Muthuu Kagio is not as flirty as you would expect. So far, Narob has smitten just over 10, people who interact through the service. Mr Kagio is looking to increasing the number of subscribers to more than 50, by year end. Reg is shorthand for registration.

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And after several market surveys, he fell in love with mobile dating and he is glad he did. Just to prove how the search for love is big business, the service rakes in Sh, in a good month.

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Telecoms News - In Brief. The new scramble for Africa — acquisitions reshaping the communications dating club. He first toyed with mobile commerce, or m-commerce, but he could not find market for buying and selling using cell-phones locally. Once registered, to find a date you are required to SMS back the qualities you are looking for including age, gender and any other specifications. Who have we worked for?

And for those who think it a jokers' club, Mr Kagio says has research findings that shatters that perception. Mobile virtual dating services allow men and women to create a profile, search for dates and start conversations through SMS messages. The market is not too small, he says, and can to be nurtured to grow. Mr Kagio says the dating service was the result of his innovation and is the latest in the growing roaster of SMS value-added services that are rolled off the two networks by the day.

He currently gets a commission oasis dating application Sh15 for every SMS send by a new date-hungry member. Computer News - In Brief. What have we done? To cut down on costs, Mr Kagio says the company's server running the SMS service is hosted in America where it is cheaper.

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Mergers, Acquisitions and Financial Results. The response was an overwhelming text messages on dating taylor guitars first day, not a small number for a start-up trying to find a spot in a community where dating is for the most part sacred and secretive. Internet News - In Brief.

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He, however, bemoans the high cost of running such services, especially charges by local mobile providers. On The Money - In Brief. Income is determined by the number of texts send by the members, because mobile phone service provider Safaricom pays him a commission depending on the volume of SMSes passed across.

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He plans to try elementary dating rowan atkinson luck again on mobile shopping, the first of its kind in the country, where people can buy and sell goods through their cell-phones. The year-old businessman who tried the dating club service in America, where he went to college, says even though the job is challenging he loves the experience.

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His is purely an entertainment service and one must be 18 years and above to be registered. As a member, the service allows you to send as many SMS messages as you dating club until you get your match. The application developed by Narob Systems enables users to meet potential partners by just sending a simple SMS. Alpesh Patel on Africa's original start-up Mi-Fone, the hip-hop telecoms brand and how it ended.

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To get started, you have to register by sending an SMS containing your name, age, gender and your preferred task. For instance, "Reg Muthuu 30 M looking for a serious partner," then send the message to a premium number The other SMS services he tried only got an average of 20 responses a day, he says. Mr Kagio says other than the registration message that costs Sh40 subsequent ones are charged at the normal SMS rate of Sh5.