Hook up surround sound How do you hook up the PS3 to your surround system?

Hook up surround sound, audio transcript

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Wii — A component video cable must be purchased separately, does not come with the Wii goes from hook up atlanta Wii to a component video input on the receiver.

If there is still no audio, slightly increase the volume level on the Home Theatre System. Specialists recommend your subwoofer crossover frequency be at least 10Hz higher than your speaker's lowest clean frequency. The back channel speakers should be the same height as the surround speakers. Yes, it is called "coax" and is usually an orange color.

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Because most people are not hermits watching movies in solitude, you will probably have a variety of seating locations.

Run the other end of the cable to the surround sound receiver.

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Plug the three video prongs into the matching colors in the input that you want to use. Many people like to place it towards the front of the configuration so that it is easily connected to the receiver. This topic is locked from further discussion. If your subwoofer doesn't have that label, connect the RCA to the left input or use a Y-splitter to send signal to both inputs. Would it be cheaper and hook up surround sound to just get a different receiver that would do all this maybe a 7.

Do I set up my receiver on multichannel, all stereo or just stereo? Every device is different, so consult your manual for details.

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There will be a setting for "test tones" where you can adjust channel levels up or down in your receiver's menu system typically under Manual Setup. You've got the TV, the Blu-ray player, the game console, and now all you need to finish it off is the booming surround sound. Finally, please do yourself a favor, and do not mount these in the corners of your room.

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These are the oldest of the connectors that are still in widespread use. It does not support HD.


In that case, you will have to run either composite or component cable s for your video signal, and a hook up blue ox tow bar cable for sound. If you notice that your subwoofer level is turned down as far as possible, you just hook up now turn down the volume knob on the hook up surround sound of the subwoofer a little bit, and run the setup mic again.

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If placed in a corner, the sub will generate a booming, echoing effect that clouds your sound. I push the PS button on my controller, and my TV turns on and sets itself to the right input. Sign Up to Our Forums!

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Below is a list of common devices and what settings you should make sure to check on each one. You should be able to "draw" a symmetrical triangle between the two speakers and the center of the seating area. Games just don't use those formats yet.

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I'd say if your sound system supports it, its more like this- ps3 to sound receiver, sound receiver to tv. But if it only supports optical then that would be the next best connection. The placement of surround speakers is typically where people go wrong. In most systems, you will only use HDMI Composite video is the lowest quality and oldest of the connections discussed here. Why wouldn't you just run one hdmi from ps4 into receiver, then another from your receiver to your tv?