Just hook up virus Safest way to get my pics and files from virus infected HD?

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So long as you don't "run" a virus file on the hard drive then you are fine, and with current security patches then even if you -did- accidentally try to run a virus file you'd be protected. The other two use both chrome and Opera. Once they're on your computer, they have plenty of options. I ended up putting in a new C drive and restoring from an image created a month or so before I noticed the virus.

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If you don't have an anti-virus, there are some really virus free ones. Yes, of course there's risk. I have a pile of dead hardware, even a mouse or keyboard can spread the virus I caught instantly. The Stealthinator February 10, 5: You've been locked out until you pay a fine!

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Cameras that make great holiday gifts Let them start the new year with a step up in photo and video quality from a phone. They started to "fix" my problems and it wasn't working. Copy off your pictures and other data, taking care to avoid any program files or other executables.

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The next minute, it began printing just hook pages. But I have tossed everything. Frozenpenguin February 9, Click here for detailed instructions to clean up your computer.

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For decades, it's been making computer users miserable. Just scan your HDD with an anti-virus software. Some ransomware doesn't even try to be sneaky.

I want to mention we have also had 5 laptops, 3 of which were new crash within a day of purchase, and our home pc. Laptop does not connect to internet through wireless, ethernet and hotspot.

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You might see friends replying to email messages you didn't send. Or maybe there are portions of the drive that can't get written to by such a process.

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If that happens, you better have a recent backup. Around Xmas, the Dell was installed and printing fine one minute. Is it safe to connect a drive infected with a virus to my computer?

I'm just now getting out of a 12 month nightmare.

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The key to viruses that inhabit some kind of media is that they must be run. Maverick Follow Forum Posts: