Hook up flash drive to iphone How to Use Your iPhone As a USB Flash Drive?

Hook up flash drive to iphone, if you're using usb playback

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Want USB on your iPhone? There’s an adapter for that

For file transfers, wireless memory sticks or dongles are another option. Restart your iOS device. You are commenting using your WordPress. So imagine you had a ton of drive files you wanted to watch on a plane.

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The storage is managed by the Mophie Space app, which organises your files based on file type, making it easier to browse and search through your library of movies, photos, music and documents. The apps are otherwise identical, and Sanho says the naming will be corrected by the time iStick ships.

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In addition to being able to transfer files or media, these portable gadgets also allow you to play video directly from the memory stick or device on your iPhone or iPad. Simple design and easy to understand user interface.

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Works well with WorkFlow app. Just hook up account there's an issue with the USB connection to your device, you might see an alert message like "iPhone has timed out" or "error 9" or your device might unexpectedly disconnect when syncing.

The iPad will not write to a usb flash drive. The other products on the list are using USB 2.

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Other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners. Prices on Amazon might vary slightly flash for the better.

Add the fact that you can use it to post or share stuff online and there are many reasons you users would want to transfer all sorts of media to their iOS devices.

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Link to that campaign is below. You'll be prompted to download a free companion app from the App Store the first time you connect the Verbatim to your iPhone or iPad, and can then use this to play media stored on the stick, back up content or save camera photos directly to it. It also provides a simpler way to watch movies on your iPhone or iPad: