Tire dating how to read How Old Are Your Tires? Check the Born-On Date

Tire dating how to read, what happened?

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How to find the DOT number on your tires

Tires in hot dry climates have much shorter lives than those in moderate, moist climates. Mountain Road Popular Mechanics. Now your neighbors will look at you funny when they tire dating how to read you staring at your tires.

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If you look at the tires sidewall and see a DOT number that appears to be incomplete, that's because the DOT's current regulations require the entire number to be branded on only one sidewall, while the opposite sidewall is branded with just the first few digits.

For tires manufactured before the year The date of manufacture is the last how accurate are dating scans at 6 weeks digits of the code. Select tiresize or Show results. Week, year, and place of manufacture Tire size Manufacturer's unique code For tires manufactured in the year — present The date of manufacture is the last four digits of the DOT code.

What do you need to know about the age of your tires?

Determining the Age of a Tire. The first two of these dating how numbers identify the week of manufacture which range from "01" to "53". For example, a Mountain Snowflake symbol tells you that the tire meets or exceeds industry-established snow traction performance requirements.

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So your warranty would end three years from today, not four, meaning you could lose a year of coverage. The ninth and tenth characters tell the week the tire was manufactured.

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This describes the fundamental characteristics of your tire. The first two digits refer to the week within that year. Some tires have unique benefits, as showcased with specific icons. Sign up to get the read offers and the latest news.

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Tire Basics

Near the edge of the rim, look for a long serial number starting with the letters "DOT. Enter search terms below. The final number s signifies the year the tire was manufactured.

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On the inside of your wheel, you will find markings similar to this: Wayne Wenzel Nov 09, The last four numbers identify the date of manufacture of the tire to the nearest week.

While this may just look like a confusing jumble, it's actually useful info.

Buying Tires

Finally, let us know the area of the country where you do most of your driving. Also please let us know which tire features are important to you. Studded winter tires Thinking of studding up for more traction in winter weather? Switch now to summer tires from Continental.

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Get the right tires for your car or truck! The date of manufacture is the last three digits of the code. This is where it gets confusing -- there's no universal identifier that signifies which decade, so in this example the tire could have been manufactured in or We'll tell you how to find your trim level. The next time you buy tires from TireBuyer, make sure you keep your confirmation email. Off Roading Popular Mechanics. We tend to assume that tyres need changing when the Department of Transportation DOTwill tell you several things: Department of Transportation DOTwill tell you several things:.

Every sidewall has its own unique information that is divided into three main sections: Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.