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Only played a few hours so still learning.

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I'm a web developer myself so appreciate the work. Use what you're good at is what I say.

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Is it possible for you to add a count of total competitive classic games played, won and lost? I spammed it to all my cs friends: Turns out you're right. My second most used weapon is the Mag-7, when I first played the game I mastered it because it was so good. I have a friend developing something similar.

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Sign up to get your own personalized Reddit experience! I think it might be because I usually awp Looks like it went through, just needed some time. Reddit is filled with interest based communities, offering something for everyone. I matchmaking stats this feature will make the site actually useful for evaluating the real skills of CS: Log in or sign up in seconds.

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Anyway, I've used the site before, really like the UI. Embarrassing period of time where I would exclusively play offline with bots. And if not, is there an easy way to do it?

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Click here for our wiki! Those seem to be lumped in with the weapon in the slot they occupy. Quick question - does this separate offline from online play? This name will be used to credit you for things you share on Reddit.


Many people have asked if it was possible to view their stats exclusively for the Competitive Classic mode, a. But this matchmaking is not right sorry. Phoenix says I have Aaa okey okey now I get it but for me it means pretty much nothing. The site shows rounds played in competitive, not matches.

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This is really nice. Already have an account? Halo 3 matchmaking levels life is complete.

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The design is good, and it is also user friendly: You might want to look into it. Do I need to have a rank before my stats are available to your system? GlobalOffensive subscribe unsubscribereaders 5, users here now New?