Modern warfare 2 wont connect to matchmaking server Blocked IP Address

Modern warfare 2 wont connect to matchmaking server, log in to gamefaqs

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Accepted Solution View Original. Ok, then afterwards it timed out and said it was having a problem modern warfare 2 wont connect to matchmaking server to the activision servers.

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I updated the router software and reset the PS2 and router. It is just sitting there fetching playlists for me. MW2 "Connecting to matchmaking server Message 1 of He's wanting to return the game, since he was positively addicted to it.

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You must be signed in to add attachments. Lately everyone is having this problem.

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DevilaterNov 11, IW are losing respect this year, that's what happens when you don't release an open beta. My neighbor gets online with MW2 with no problem so there is no regional problem and we also have the same Broadband service.

Homecoming First Reactions From Critics. Yes, my internet is active.

Connecting to matchmaking server

Any ideas what to do? Now I'm able to find matches so maybe just let it sit and it might work.

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My nephew even just restored the PS3's default settings and still stuck on that screen. After this operation my nat type became open for mw2: In fact when I get the box "connecting to matchmaking server" it isn't even really trying to connect.

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You can view the revised policy here. Did u ever find out how to fix the problem? I'm having this issue too. Connecting to matchmaking server You are using an out of date browser. It stops at "Online Status - Fetching Playlist Keep in touch bro, if nething works out for ya.

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The only thing I can't destiny matchmaking raids out is that maybe the Sony Network programming inadvertently disposes some ISP's at a lower priority than others in order to prevent server overload. Sign in to continue.

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