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I was skeptic about this show at first but holy shit Chris and Aaron might be my favourite team at RT. He gets so many easy chances to just skid by, but he makes it harder for himself most of the time. Could we just ban the dating the danes cringe from this subreddit? Leave the text in the square brackets, or the spoiler will be visible on mobile clients! No defaced Wiki screenshots Any screenshots of Wikipedia or other wiki articles that are defaced will be removed.

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Any made from older videos or done with noticeable user edits will be allowed at the discretion of the moderators. If you're one of the people that are saying you can't watch this, then you need to reevaluate your life. This name will be used to credit you for things you share on Reddit. Discuss the video, don't say "It took me an hour to watch this 12 minute video lol". He was giving off vibes of being all remorseful, there's no way any decent person would try to date him at that point, no matter how much they were into him. The Office Off-color humor American Dad!

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This series makes my toes curl every second I'm watching. I don't know what to believe anymore. I had to stop the second that one came up. They are supposed to induce cringe and make you want it to stop. I felt embarrassed just watching them at parts.

Nah, he's too good at acting. That dating is that that was such an easy challenge. Chris datings challenge him much harder shit than Aaron does. For instance, the garage sale episode airs in two weeks.

Cringe comedy is a specific genre of comedy that derives humor from social awkwardness. Chris seems always to give the more difficult tasks imo but Aaron's final task for him was the game changer.

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Maybe y'all should have stopped when even the AH guys started making fun of you for excessively using the word. Chris' challenges were amazing. I also really like his comedy style, it's very different from anyone else at RoosterTeeth, but he always cracks me up. She seemed like she didn't give a shit that he was married.

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No questions can be made using a link post. Yeah, I thought last weeks one was hard to watch. I may be remembering podcast wrong, but I'm certain you guys only made about half a dozen or so. TV has been doing this for decades, but that was before you could pause the TV. Chris is so twisted, the speed.

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Not challenges guys wear cowboy boots. Well considering what the speed is, that is relevant to the video.

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I only cringed when it came to the virgin one. This has been the best episode yet. Smart move on Aaron's part getting Chris to announce that he's married, leaving him with no matches.

I know I'd never be able to do what Aaron and Chris did.

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Next weeks one doesn't look like it the be so nasty. Like I know I'm not directly in contact with any of these people whatsoever it's just so embarrassing that I even feel it.

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Cringe is such an overused word now. But it's a good kind of cringe that I love to watch. He could have also said one of his parents was black, and the white parent died when he was young so he has always connected more with his black half despite taking after his white parent. I couldn't even look at the screen. Chris and Aaron are really good at saving face even when they have to make complete asses of themselves, holocaust. My cringe tolerance is 100 free dating site around the world high? Sorry, I meant more as in the next few.